Just a few random thoughts, as the day goes by…

At what point will they bring out the real presidential candidates? I mean, let’s look at our two primary options; the opportunistic psychopath and the bombastic, egotistical circus clown.

If you still support Hilary Clinton after all that’s gone on, you need to wake up and smell the treason. Oh, wait. In spite of the mountain of evidence, the FBI has recommended that no charges be filed. I guess that means she’s OK. If you believe that, I’d love to know if you’re willing to hire Casey Anthony to babysit your kids. I hear she’s looking for a job, and comes highly recommended.

Seriously, I don’t know which part is worse, the fact that the whitewash is so blatant, or the fact that the majority of Americans simply accepted it as the status quo. I mean, could it be possible that We, The People have somehow willingly abdicated their place as the most powerful political force in this country? Has the majority decided to allow themselves to be led by the nose, so long as the freebies keep rolling in?

Then, there’s candidate Oompa Loompa, the bombastic billionaire blowhard who desperately needs to fire both his speech writer and his makeup artist. I mean, how can anyone take this dude seriously? Granted, I almost consider him a better option than candidate body count, but that’s only by virtue of the fact that he doesn’t yet have a confirmed body count. Otherwise, it’s like they’re clones.

What’s more, the last time I saw flip-flop action like that, it was a fish I’d just landed. The man simply couldnt stick to his guns if they were welded to his hands. Yet, we want to make him leader of the free world? No thanks, I’ve had enough bad leadership from President Golf Cart. It’s beyond time to move on from that.

Honestly, I’m 100% fed up. I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. No matter who you vote for, you’re still stuck with evil.

From now on, I’m voting with my conscience. I’ve taken a very honest, prayerful look at what’s on offer from the major parties, and I can no longer morally justify voting for any of them.

It’s for that reason, I’m voting for a third party candidate, though I’m avoiding Gary Johnson. Not because I think he’d make a lousy President, I actually think he’d be great, but because he’s pro-choice. As I said, I’m voting with my conscience, and I can’t morally support a candidate who’s pro-choice.

In all likelihood, I’ll be voting either Veteran’s Party or Constitutionalist Party. Both have platforms I mostly agree with (there are points I disagree with), but I can morally support their platforms. That’s the key thing here, I’m breaking away from the status quo. I urge everyone else to do the same. Pick a third party candidate you can morally support and fire an incumbent Democrat or Republican with your vote.

If this presidential campaign has demonstrated anything, it’s that the current “lesser of two evils” model doesn’t serve anyone well, except for the parasites we keep sending to D.C. So, what will it be? Continue to elect people whom are subjecting our country to Death by 1,000 Cuts, or find someone who stands a better chance of actually serving the people for a change?