While this isn’t surprising, it certainly is disappointing.

“For rebellion is like the sin of divination, Defiance, like the iniquity of teraphim. Because you rejected Hashem’s command, He has rejected you as king.” I Samuel 15:23 (The Israel Bible™)

via Catholic Church’s Denial of Jewish Ties to Temple Mount “Heresy”, “Violates Torah”, Accuses Christian Leader — End Time Bible Prophecy

Here are my own personal thoughts. Roughly 2,000 years ago, the Roman province of Judea was renamed Palestina, in an effort to separate the Jewish people from their lands. The name derives from the Philistines, and they figured that the name change would get rid of those pesky Jews.

In fact, after the sacking of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple in 70AD, the Romans made it illegal for Jews to live in, let alone visit, Jerusalem. In short order, the Jewish people became scattered all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Asia Minor.

This state of affairs remained largely unchanged until 1948, when the Jewish state of Israel was formed, effectively reuniting the Jewish people with their homelands after nearly two millennia.

Since that time, Israel has flourished and become a beacon of Western values, inspite of the ongoing hatred and animosity of their Arab neighbors. They have survived multiple wars, a grinding insurgency from multiple directions and managed to beat back the several attempts by other states to drive them into the sea.

How ironic it is that the very same entity, the United Nations, that established the state of Israel, would be the one leading the charge to utterly wipe them out. I mean, it seems almost poetic, right?

As if that wasn’t enough, the same people who sat on their hands while Jews were loaded onto train cars and taken off to places like Auschwitz, Dachau and other such hellish places are now assisting in the U.N.’s efforts. Way to go, Vatican. You’re really swinging for the fences now.

The Holy See still has blood on it’s hands from WWII, and it’s clear they haven’t learned. I have to wonder how much longer it’ll be befor the Vatican openly admits to active involvement in efforts that they hope will lead to the destruction of Israel.


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