Nightmares are Dreams, Too

I am not angry, I am furious. Here we are, scarcely two months into the new year, and I am already beyond horrified. How can we, as a supposedly civilized society, ever come under the mistaken impression that the wanton slaughter of unborn babies is somehow acceptable? Granted, we have been doing it for some time, but this is the closest we have come towards actually legalizing infanticide, and some are already pushing for that as well. ( How can we, as a supposedly civilized society, be able to justify before our God and our own conscience the horrendous mass-murder of our most helpless members as a common good? As I have stated before, abortion is murder, and this is just seeking to make things worse

Unless you have been under a rock this whole time, you are most likely aware of the bill recently passed in New York state, which makes abortion legal all the way up to the moment of birth, removes restrictions on who can perform an abortion, and also does away with their Fetal Victim laws, removing legal protections for all unborn babies. Note that that ghoul of a governor, Andrew Cuomo, actually lit up the 9-11 memorial pink in celebration of the passage of this bill. (It brings to mind the fact that Hitler’s horrific crimes began with thunderous applause and roars of approval)

Not only has Gov. Cuomo done this, but he has done this in direct contravention of his own supposed Catholic faith. Yes, the Catholic Church’s official doctrinal position is that life begins at conception, and is worthy of all of the protections and rights contained therein, which means that they regard abortion as immoral and unacceptable. Whether you are Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, you ought to be able recognize when someone has chosen to follow the world instead of their God.

Yet, Gov. Cuomo seems to think he knows better than his own Church. Sadly, the Cardinal responsible for him (Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York) has very little he can do, given that excommunication is only used in cases where it might bring about a change of heart, and it’s clear that Gov. Cuomo simply has none. What is the point of excommunication if it will not have the desired effect?

Historically speaking, infanticide was an accepted practice amongst even the most civilized of nations. The Greeks, Romans, nearly everyone practiced it; even on this side of the globe it was practiced by many of the Native tribes. It wasn’t unheard of for people to abandon their unwanted babies to the elements. They regarded it as an act of mercy!

When Christianity began to appear, one of the things Christians were known for was the practice of rescuing abandoned newborns and raising them as their own. These people would go out at night, seek out the babies that their pagan neighbors had tossed out with the trash, and give them loving homes in the arms of parents who would bring them up knowing and loving the Lord Jesus Christ. Where the worst of humanity was on full display, there were the Christians to show the best of God’s qualities and nature.

This brings up an essential question. What happened? In a time when Christians were being persecuted, hunted, and discriminated against, they were showing what it looks like to be led by the Spirit of God. Now, too many professing Christians seem content to sit on their hands and do nothing, if not outright support the mass slaughter of babies that their ancestors would have died trying to protect! Shame on them, shame on us all. How dare we consider ourselves civilized and Children of God when there are those amongst us who tarnish and mar the image of God, turning us into a mindless caricature of what we are supposed to be?! This is what we are commanded to fight against, and we have a collective case of “cat got your tongue”?!

We are commanded, COMMANDED, by the Lord, to speak up for the poor, the oppressed, and to protect the innocent from the wicked! We are directly commanded to defend the innocent from slaughter, and we have people today who claim the mantle of Christian, celebrating new laws that make it easier to do exactly what we ought to be fighting against! How dare we?!

The politicians who passed this law, and any others like it (currently being considered in Vermont and Virginia), have hands dripping in innocent blood. Those celebrating along with them, supporting this effort, have hands dripping in innocent blood, too. They are no better than people like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. They are mass-murdering, genocidal maniacs, and the people of their states gave them a job! As if that was not bad enough, they will likely do it again when next these monsters are up for reelection.

In all, I am reminded of something Thomas Jefferson said, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” Words cannot express how true these words are, and how much we have to answer for as a people.


4 thoughts on “Nightmares are Dreams, Too

  1. They do the works for their father, the devil, who is a liar and a murderer, even from the beginning. Christians do the works of their Father too. Sinners sin. No mystery there. BUT….

    Our churches are clogged up with people who said some magic words, and now have a license to sin without consequences. Or they came to faith to a fake Jesus of Christian idolatry not requiring repentance. Scripture says the love of many will grow cold. These people are goats, and will self identify. Lots of scripture to verify my position.

    The solution to this dilemma is to preach RIGHTEOUSNESS from the pulpit. Unfortunately, goats are in leadership in chuches and seminaries. Since goats will not tolerate proper doctrines and holiness preached, they will eventually exit, leaving behind sheep. These sheep will be energised and edified and will fulfill the great commission.
    This will not be easy for a loving rightous pastor. He will have political problems from people he loves (like Judas), who try to depose him, and he must weather the storm.

    In short,
    Preach the Gospel. Sheep; proclaim the death and resurrection till Jesus come. Seek after those who.will repent and be saved.


    1. Amen, and amen. I’m guessing you run into a lot of goats on matters such as these. You rant the way I do when I’ve had nothing but goats to deal with. 😂 You are not alone, brother, they drive me nuts, too. The two best and most relevant sermons here are Paul Washer’s “Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church”, and Jonathan Edward’s “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”. Look them up if you haven’t already. Absolutely amazing and foundational sermons that will punch you in the gut and kick you in the teeth. 😁


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